Astro Olympiad 2024

Bangladesh Astronomical Association

Future Plan

Now BAA dreamed a permanent Space Centre where everything they ever produced would be on permanent display alongside regular installation. For their target audience- the school going children- it would be a place for scientific exploration and a permanent source of intellectual stimulus.

The Space Centre would cover the whole gamut; the display of space oriented exhibits would be interspersed with specially designed projects for children. Visitor will have to pay an entry fee to enjoy their turn to gaze at the marvels of the sky and at the other displays as well, and to participate many programmers designed to argument their knowledge of science.

Following things are installed in the Dhaka Space Centre-

Planetarium: Its a dome where the planet, star, asteroids will be projected; twenty or twenty-five visitors would be allowed in at a time.

Observatory: A bigger telescope would be installed that will enable visitor watch everything from a closer range.

Exhibit hall: Specially designed chart and project on astronomy and space science would add to the amusement and understanding of the visitor.

Library and information centre: Rare books on astronomy along with regularly published journals and magazine from abroad would find their place alongside the journal of BAA.

Seminar room: This would be a room with adequate amenities suitable for conducting workshops and for holding seminars. These events would be open for all regarding participation.

Mechanical Workshop: The Space Centre will boast having a workshop that will keep in possession necessary equipment to lend technical support during the construction of the planetarium and later would be able to product telescopes when the Association decides to manufacture them in a commercial basis.

Lab for children: A project to motivate school children through science oriented activities. They will be facilitated to implement their own personal science projects making use of recourses provided by Space Centre

Besides the above-mentioned project there will be a public relation section at the DSC.