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Bangladesh Astronomical Association


Diamond Ring
Bangladesh Astronomical Association organized Many observation camps all over the Bangladesh. BAA also arrange sky observation Through telescope every Saturday from sunset to 8-30 p.m. Venue: Dhanmondi Play Ground. Dhanmondi R/A- Road-8. Dhaka. Observation camp open for all.

BAA's Important Observation

  • In6th November 1993 the transit of Mercury over the Sun Disk from Dhaka. This observation leaded by Dr. A. R. Khan.
  • In 24th October 1995 the last Solar Eclipse of the century from Hiron Point, Sundarban. At the time of full Solar Eclipse different stage are noted and picture are taken. Beside that changes of temperature are noted with thermometer. Solar Eclipse was observed in three different way:
    1. By using 15no Ark welding glass
    2. By telescope projection.
    3. By 8 inch solar projector.
  • Hayakutaka(C/19962) observation.From 23rd March to 10th April in 1995 BAA arrange a observation camp to observe stirring comet Hayakutaka(C/19962).
  • Hell-bopp observation. In 10th June 1996 the comet was first identified. Later on BAA arrange observation camp 18 district city with Dhaka.
Diamond Ring