Astro Olympiad 2024

Bangladesh Astronomical Association


BANGLADESH ASTRONOMICAL ASSOCIATION wants to popularize astronomy among people of Bangladesh. For that, they arranges workshops, Bangladesh astro-olympiad, seminars on astronomy, science quiz competitions, award of the "Bruno-Padak" prize, broadcasting TV and Radio programs, founding a library, Science festival for children, Sunfest and Spacefest.

PLANETARIUM BAAs two members Md Azad Rahman and engineer Shukallyian Bacchar made a classroom planetarium. November 17, 1997

BAA arranges astronomical workshops to increase exercise of astronomical knowledge. In 1992 they arranged the first workshop. From the beginning till now they have arranged 15th workshops. In the workshop they arrange film show and lecture in astronomical subject. To read more about the Workshop click WORKSHOP


You will be glad to know that the Bangladesh Astronomical Association recently organised the national level Second Bangladesh Astro-Olympiad across Bangladesh. The national level competition was participated by over 100 contestants chosen from the winners of the divisional level among 1200 competitions held at the six divisional headquarters starting from May 2007. The participants were students of SSC/HSC levels(14-17 years). ASTRO-OLYMPIAD


BAA organized "Universe: A Bird`s Eye View" a program on astronomy and space science. Seminar, poster exhibition, film and software exhibition are included in the program. Nancy Ann Budden (Mars mission planer, Johnson space center, NASA ) Dr. Jamal Nazrul Islam, Dr. Jamilur Reza Choudhury Dr. Ahmed Shafi, Dr. Zafar Iqbal, Mash-hu-rul Amin and are the discussants in the seminar.


BAA arranges two Science festival for the children. One was in the ground of Kalabagan Krira Chakra in 25th December 2002. And the other one in the Agargaon in 7th June 2003.


Bangladesh Astronomical Association (BAA) organizes sun festival (SunFest) every year started from the year 2001. BAA used to watch the first sun rise of the english year from different point of Bangladesh. Sun is the source of energy. In ancient time many people believe sun as god. To see first sun of the year Bangladesh Astronomical Association arrange Sunfest every year. In 2001 they went to Saint Martin to see the first sunrise of this millennium. 2002 they went to Sundarban . 2003 they went to the highest pick of Bangladesh Keokaradong, Nijum Dip in 2004, Panchagar (2005), Birishiri, Durgapur (2006), Tanguar Haor, Shunamgang (2007) & Pablakhali Forest, Rangamati (2008). To read more about the SunFest click SUNFEST

SPACEFEST To make the people concerned about Science and Astronomy and to develop the Space Science in Bangladesh BAA organized SPACEFEST. Until now BAA arrange three Spacefests.
AWARD BAA give award of the "BRUNO-PADAK" for distinguished contribution in popularizing Astronomy.
FOUNDING LIBRARY BAA founding a library and information center named "Meghnad Shaha Science Information Centre.
OTHERS We also arrange science quiz competition for student in many occasion and broadcasting TV and radio program.